Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weather & Reasons

This morning after confirming the forecast yesterday for today (like weather forecasters are good or accurate, yeah, right) that the weather was, while warm for winter (in the low-mid 40's), it was a real winter rainstorm with thunder and occasional hard rain.

Since I did fieldwork for nearly 14 years in all sorts of weather, from hot Arizona summers to cold Northwest winters, I have all the layers and outerwear, meaning GoreTex, to easily be outside in the worst or almost coldest weather, almost meaning I'm good for anything above zero.

So the question of walking isn't do I want to walk today, especially today, but do I have any reasons not to walk. That's the criteria I use now. Are there errands which requires driving, is there work at home, or does my body and especially legs not up to the task.

So far the answer has been that there are no reasons, even when the body isn't 100% as I know some days I get and feel better during and after the walk and only a few days when I feel worse, which isn't good when you're not feeling well or feeling tired or sore you still have to walk home.

But in the end, I always still walk and get home as I know it's easy to find excuses or reasons not to do something but it's harder when you know doing it will always make you feel and be better. There's no reason against feeling or being better.

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