Monday, January 6, 2014

Taking a Tumble

Most of the weekend I had sore muscles in the middle and lower sections of my back, and today on the last section of a long uphill section of the walk, which I added 1.25 miles for a total 9.25 miles as a test of the distance and more hills since it's been since August I last walked more than 8 miles, the muscles reminded even more.

And after a shower and some pain medication, the muscles still hurt when I try to stand from sitting for more than a few minutes. It's all in the muscles as the Sciatic nerves seem ok, or at least hasn't shown signs of problems.

This puzzled me for awhile when I remembered on New Year's day I walked in the predawn darkness where I tripped over a piece of asphalt on the shoulder and tumbled forward along the shoulder in the mud, puddles and debris.

Fortunately years ago I learned one lesson, never try to stop your fall with your hands or your arms, unless of course you want to break your wrist or seriously hurt or bruise your arm. The best way is to roll with your shoulders and use your hands and arms to protect your head.

Small hint.--If you fall and there's nothing close to grab to help or keep you from falling and you know you're going to hit the ground, roll your hands into fists so the fingers won't get hurt, or worse broken. You can also tuck them into your body to protect them.

Well, I did that and got up, brushed of the dirt and debris and walked on after cussing about being stupid when cars were driving by (no one stopped). Yeah the cursing the darkness idea even when I carry a flashlight for oncoming cars (always walk against traffic when there are no sidewalks).

Well, while the backpack cushioned the fall a little, I more than likely twisted my back enough the muscles got around to hurting over the weekend and more so today. What I know is that the back is only stiff and hurts when I sit for more than a few minutes and try to stand up and walk.

But then things get better when I walk or stretch for awhile. Standing helps too. So it's one of those things you know getting old sucks that you can't take a tumble in the darkness and not expect the body to hurt. And yes, I'm back to 8 mile walks without that long hill, only short ones.

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