Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Some Days & Weeks

During the entire time I've been walking 8 miles starting last May-June the progress with getting fitter and better, losing weight and healing the Sciatic nerve and lower back has been fairly consistent, until November, after walking over 200 miles in October.

I had up and downs days and weeks through November but the progress was consistent over the month of December, and until, again, January when the days and weeks have been inconsistent, including this week.

Over the weekend I had food related issues which left me mildly sick and even after getting a flu shot last October I still keep getting 2-3 days of flu symptoms several times a month, but I've managed to still walk most days.

The walks Monday and Tuesday (today Wednesday January 15th) the walks were the hardest in recent months, and during the Monday walk my left leg had that tingly numb feeling you get when you hit a nerve just right.

It lasted for a short distance and quit, but the next morning, the nerve from the top of my left hip down the outside of the left leg to the outside of the sole of my feet started yelling at me whenever I start walking, and while the walk was easier, it's wasn't normal.

So today is a rest day to see if the nerve gets better, but I'm not holding my breath right now. I had planned to get 200+ miles in this month so rest days aren't in the schedule outside of a few I can also run errands or work around the place.

All I can say is that nerve issues aren't fun, especially when the whole day is just a waste from being sick. Now I have to decide if the muscles are ok and it's just the nerve acting up, and get back to walks, maybe even shorter ones for awhile.

Some days and weeks being old just sucks.

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