Sunday, September 18, 2022

1991 VW Syncro available

My 1991 Volkswagon Vanagon Syncro (the 4WD version) is available. It's the commercial model with rubber mats, jumps seats (removable), power package (electric door locks, windows, cruise control), AC. The back seat folds into a flat bed witih open space 9' long, 5' wide and 3' high. It's rated at 6,000 lbs gross weight with 1700 lbs carry capacity, but closer to 2,000 lbs.

The Syncro model shares the same body and interior as theVanagon models, but with a different frame for the 4WD drive train and suspension. The motor is same but the transmission is a 5-speed which is a normal 4-speed with a low 1st gear. The 4WD system uses a fluid drive for AWD which varies power front-rear and left-right based on traction.

My understanding is the system normally runs 20%-80% front to rear and 50%-50% left to right but based on wheen traction can vary to 80%-20% front to rear and split left to right based on traction. The US models can switch to lock rear drive to 50%-50% to each wheel. European models have additional front drive and power transfer switches to lock equal power to all wheels.

It's a one owner (bought Larson VW dealership August 21, 1991), original condition interior, original paint (no dents or scratches), original engine (2.1L 90 hp, 186,000 miles). Replaced transmissioin (125K), clutch (150K), brakes, power steering rack and tie rods, power steering pump, AC compressor, master brake and clutch cylinders. It has new stainless steel exhaust system (GoWesty) and new 15" wheels and tires.

I change the oil and filter every 2,500-3,000 miles (20w/50 Castrol) and always use premium fuel. It's need some front suspension work (ball joints and bushings) and CV joint service. The estimate is $4K, and ready for years of reliable, durable driving with normal maintenance. Here is a collection of photos.

If you're interested, asking price is $48,000.