Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ya Know

Two years ago last July after pinching my Sciatic nerve which left me flat on my back for most of a week and the only therapy the specialists recommended was simple, "Get your ass out the door and walk as far as you can as often as you cant, and carry a backpack to add weight over time.", I weighed about 185 lbs. 

Well a year and a half and 2,000 miles later I was down to 160 lbs with the goal of getting to 150 lbs. Simple I said. No so fast life said, and since last January when I was down to 155 lbs I've been sick almost all the time from a variety of issues, none of which show up on lab test except all the signs and symptoms point to something the specialists have no idea beyond their  typical answer, IBS.

IBS is medical shorthhand for "It Beats the Shit" out of me, which I describe after one specialist said the same thing in medical terms, meaning they don't know. So far I've come to think it's not losing the weight that's the cause but the body's physical and physiological reaction adjusting to the weight loss which has caused some of the problems and left me susceptible to others, like colds and the flu.

Ya know, maybe life is telling me something and I trying hard not to listen.