Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More on Walking

Well, I'm still walking, which is good since I'm not known for being dedicated for anything this long except running which I can't do again, yet anyway, but I'm getting close. Running is still in the plan but I still get shin splints (left leg) in the first mile or two and don't want to pound my Sciatic nerve from running.

The point here is that after 4-plus months of walking 8 miles, and testing walking 8.5-9 miles, I seem stuck at 8 miles. There are places on the walk to town and the walk back where I can cut or add miles on the walk, and especially add hills.

I normally now walk 4.5 miles to town and 3.5 miles home. I can cut the walk to town to 3 miles or increase it to 5.7-6 miles and can cut the walk home to 3 miles or increase it to 4-4.5 miles. I add miles to 8.5-9 miles total 1-3 days a month but not consistently.

I've been waiting for my body and legs to consistently tell me 8 mile walks are too short and too easy, where the walks up the hills are too easy, meaning the legs feel strong and I'm not breathing harder, but I only get these days once or twice in the 5-6 days of walks each week.

So for now I'm adding days instead of daily miles. More days is more exercise and burns more calories over the long haul, which is proving better so far for improving the body, aka, toning muscles and losing fat. The question is where is the limit.

My original goals was walking 8 miles16 days a month for 120 miles with occasional additional miles or days. Then it was 20 days for 160 miles with occasional miles or days. The goal for October is 25 days or 200 miles.

My not sure why yet but the more days I walk, the better I feel mentally. I can't say as much physically as often later in the day the legs are sore or feel tired, but they always seem to feel better once I start walking the next day.

Anyway, that's the news. I'm just over halfway to the October goal, so I'll have to keep you posted if I get there.