Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Dream & A Goal

When I retired in 2006 I had a dream and a goal. I had money for one but not both, as there wasn't enough to do both. I chose the goal in hopes the dream would fit into the plan. It did for awhile but then  it got to the point I couldn't go any farther without money.

The goal, however, kept costing more than I had thought, more than I had planned and more than I had money. And then life snuck in to steal what extra money I had, to where today the dream is still a dream but it's 2-3 years away before I can even think about it than do anything.

The goal is still a goal, albeit I'm much of the way there but it keeps growing and taking more time and energy, and yes, more money. The business is part of the plan and while it's a legal, licensed one, it's not a reality beyond a name and a few photo products.

And life is still sneaking it and stealing the money away from both the dream and the goal, and all I know is to keep going and survive and hope the dream I've had since I was young becomes real and the goal becomes more a reality and than just a lot of work it is now.

And life will stop stealing my time, energy and money. Ah, we can hope and reality can and will take. It's all I have left that I can call mine and my life.

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