Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Can't Eat Eggs

I can't eat eggs. I can't eat fried eggs. I can't eat scrambled eggs. I can't eat poached eggs. I can't eat boiled eggs, soft or hard. I can't eat an omellette. I can't eat baked eggs. I can't eat quiche. I can't eat eggs souffle.

I can't eat eggs with ham, bacon, seafood, mushrooms or anything. I can't eat eggs, except eggs in a mix to cook something else, when the eggs are lost among the other ingredients. Otherwise, eggs and I, or rather my digestive system and eggs don't get along.

Much against Dr. Seuss, I do like eggs, even green eggs and ham. They just don't like me. And being sick from eating eggs is no fun. So sadly, I won't eat eggs, ever again.

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