Friday, August 2, 2013


This week after walking 10 of the last 12 days at the end of July and taking a day off July 31st for errands and laundry I really didn't want to walk yesterday and today, but I know I had to walk the first 5 days of August to take a few days off next week.

The goal is to walk at least 15 days a month and 120 miles and add when the spirit and really the legs and feet were up to it. Walking 8 miles now and working on adding 1-2 miles, cuts the days from 20 to 15 to reach the minimum and adds days or miles for more exercise.

The goal here is first to get back into shape from health issues since the spring of 2008 when the digestive system went south and it took almost 4 years to discover it was caused by two different sources, one a drug I was taking and the second was food itself.

In addition I had to go through several other health issues, a number of expensive test on my heart to remove any problem as the source now and into the future. It's really a strong, robust heart with minor related issues, all manageable without drugs.

The other issue was the Sciatic nerve I pinched in June 2011 and again in 2012 which put my flat on my back in early July 2012, and hence the walking, which is the best treatment for it. It's free, minus appropriate clothes and shoes but nothing medical, just yourself.

I also had problems with my prostrate which took $1K to discover it's an infection and a higher PSA level they like but within the normal range. That's resolved now, leaving justs the Sciatic nerve and walking.

Which is the reason for the post here. In walking yesterday and today I realized I must keep walking whether I want to or not, it's the dedication I need to practice despite how I feel and the weather. Just walk. That's all, every day I can.

I realized walking is my escape from the world, but mostly from myself. When you walk, as I used to do with hiking in Mt. Rainier NP, it's the act of walking (or hiking) that's the sole goal and purpose of the time. Just walk and observe.

It's also my escape from the many things I should be doing. For the nearly three hours, the walk there, cafe and or errands, and walk home, I don't have to face the things at home, some long overdue. I'm a great procrastinator and walking reinforces it with benefits.

By the time I get home, shower and eat lunch, much of the day is gone to focus on a few thing in the afternoon and evening before calling it a day. Walking is my excuse I don't have to do the other things except when it fits into the remaining time.

So walking is great for the body and the mind, if the latter is avoiding other things. In short, escaping my own reality.

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