Monday, November 7, 2016


It's hard to tell what is normal anymore after this bout of bacteria problems. At least for now the antibiotics did their job taking the full 10-days regime to fight and flush it from the system and the probiotics to overwhelm the system with large amounts of very specific good bacteria.

That said, today was the first day in over 5 months I had one of those "Whew" and empty feeling moments with the body realizing the fight is over and it's time to recover to whatever the new normal will be after the two years of it and the recent 5 months severe problems.

What I learned from this experience is several things.

First, medical doctor can and do fail. All the tests the naturopath did was available to doctors, especially the two gastroenterologists who focused on physical causes than even more than a casual thought to the bacteria, which was the cause all along, the physical side being symptoms.

Second, believe what your body is telling you. You're the only one listening. Doctors only believe in tests results, and can't do anything that isn't a known conditions (diagnosis) with a known treatment. They won't just try to learn more, but give up, which they did for me.

Third, try specialized naturopaths. The naturopath, who specializing in digestive problems, ran the right tests to find the cause and two other problems beyond the bacteria overgrowth of opportunistic bacteria. First my pancreas doesn't work so I'm on pancreatic enzymes for life. Second, I'm pre diabetic which could worsen into type two diabetes if I don't monitor it.

Note. One test they didn't take was a full culture stool sample, tests gastroenterologist do routinely but only look for known infections than culture all bacteria. Had they done that they would have found the opportunistic bacteria overgrowths.

Also, my physician didn't do a hemoglobin test, easy done with normal blood tests. That found the pre diabetic condition. I also have very low ferritin level with normal iron levels, but can't take iron supplements for genetic predisposition for hemochromatosis, so I can't increase iron to increase ferritin or risk hemochromotosis.

Fourth, try clinical standard herbal supplements, available through naturopathic clinics. You might need an initial appointment to get assurance they're the right supplements for you, but it's worth the money and tests they want.

The probiotics I'm taking isn't available through stores, just clinics because it's medical standard, not consumer standard, probiotics with specific genetic strains of bacteria types than just a bundle of the family of each type.

The strains are specific genetically derived and bundled into supplements for very specific treatments. They're worth the extra money to know you're getting better quality and guaranteed quantity probiotics for your specific needs than just over-the-counter supplements which may or may not work.

Anyway, I'll see what happens now and at least this problem is under control again so I can get better and resume walking, eating normally again, and feeling good. What's not to like about that?

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