Friday, November 4, 2016

Maybe Normal

Well, I'm in the nineth day of the 10-day routine of antibiotics (tetracycline and metronidazole) and things finally changed significantly yesterday into this morning with the what we now know are some type of partial obstructions, seemingly bacterial in nature with food and other stuff.

I have an appointment next week as a followup for the results of the antibiotics with one 10-day regime refill available if this round isn't fully successful or the problem returns, which it has over the last 2 years of similar problems.

It's now (me anyway) thought this latest episodes started recently based on the body's reaction and the often not discussed in public bowel movements, indicated in was an obstruction, confirmed after the flu shot disloged 4 large masses (reported here before).

And the weight  is beginning to return to normal, still 2 lbs more than normal (before episode), but far better than the 3+ to 5 lbs over normal with the problem (assumed accumulation of food from the obstructions).

In short I'll take it. I still haven't resumed walking as any walking over 143 lbs (normal 140-141 lbs) caused physical problems with the legs (feeling heavy and tired) and body (fatigue) during and after the walks beside the mental fatigue.

What I've learned is that naps are a good way for your body to heal. Often during this episode I've been taking 1 to 1 1/2 hour naps once, sometimes twice, a day, meaning the body is tired from any activity but also from the war going on inside, and naps gives the body the respite.

What I've also learned is the help probiotics gives at times, especially when antibiotics destroy the digestive system biota. And I can't say enough about clinical standard brand (not OTC brands) probiotics and health supplements to help even more.

Anyway, that's the story to date. Things are looking better than over a month ago when it started and nine days ago  when I started the antibiotic routine. I'm down to the weight before before the antibiotics but not the weight before the episode, but it's real, measureable, and felt progress.

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