Monday, November 28, 2016

Normal III

It's been two weeks since the last update with some progress in the midst of a few setbacks. Seems finding normal will take time and it may not be consistent anymore, or that's the events so far. What I've learned is food isn't so much my enemy anymore but my risk.

Since I've been take a special probiotics, practitioner (clinical) standard for rebuilding digestive bacteria, and an pancreatic enzyme (also practitioner standard), the system processes foods easier and quicker most of the time.

I say most, which is why food is now a risk than the enemy. My basic diet keeps things working, more or less, meaning weight gain or loss is ~ 1/2 per day. The weight has dropped to the 141 lb range, which means I only gained 1 lb from the hiatus and resuming walking.

I've tried some food experiments, but sadly most of them were not favorable to add them to the diet. I have added sweet potato and yam but not white potatoes. Not sure why but the system doesn't like them and especially not one of my favorite foods, potato chips.

The walking has been intermittent. More than October but far less than I wanted. It seems after two days of walks I always come down with cold/flu symptoms which stops the walks for 1-3 days depending on the severity and the body's reaction.

The walks are getting easier with most days not experiencing the problems I had with the bacteria overgrowths. The distance is, and will be through the winter, 6 miles, just to stay on the safe side of not pushing the body and muscles too much for awhile.

The winter walks are better for the weight and fat as the body has to burn more calories getting and keeping the body warm. I dress just warm enough to avoid being cold or getting too warm. This means dressing where I feel cold for the first 1/2 mile when the body gets warm.

The hope there is to get more consistency to the walk schedule, but right know that's just hope than reality, but sticking with diet, not adding too many food experiments, helps, but gets boring eating the same fairly restrictive diet.

At least I have wheat now. I still have to limit it for small quantities at a time and for a day, but the system isn't bothered by it, when it's gluten or gluten-free. I still avoid most wheat products and restrict it to regular or sour dough baguette bread, croissants, cornbread and Ritz crackers. Any other wheat products put them in the food risk catagory.

Anyway, that's life so far. It's better than a month ago and a quantum leap better than 2-3 months ago with almost no signs of any bacteria problems, only small, occasional problems but no sure if it's normal or overgrowth bacteria.

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