Saturday, October 15, 2016

But First

But first some good news for a change. I can eat wheat again. I've tried samples of wheat, a croissant here and a roll there, always with adverse reactions, but last weekI tried a sour dough Ficelle and nothing happened, nothing.

So I've been buying locally made bread, local meaning Seattle bakeries (Macrina, Essential Baking, and Grand Central bakery) delivered a few times a week to the Tacoma Metropolitan Market in Proctor neighborhood, and the it's working. No adverse reactions or effects yet after 3 different brands and breads.

Yippee! Wheat again, but in controlled small amounts so far. Not to get carried away just yet, not until I solve the bacteria problem, then who knows what I can eat again because the reactions will be based on the normal bacteria and not the overgrowths.

It's why some days I have hope.

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