Saturday, October 15, 2016


Looking at the latest blood test results, several things pop out which, along with the bacteria problem, might explain why I feel tired almost all the time, sometimes to the point of exhaustion, or it feels like as I can take hour-plus naps almost anytime during the day.

First, the hemoglobin A1c test results show I'm pre-diatbetic (6.1%). My Dad had late onset type 2 diabetes they never caught until it was obvious, and with me there's been clues, like always higher than normal glucose level (never had the A1c test until now).

The problem is I don't fit the criteria for type 2 diabetes. I'm probably slightly underweight (140-145 lbs), generally fit (walk 100-150 miles a month), low end of BMI for my age and weight, and don't overeat or eat wrong or junk foods, except occasional potato chips.

The second is they discovered my ferritin levels just at the low end of normal, but my iron is in the middle of the normal range. I don't take iron supplements and avoid foods with iron additives because my Dad had Hemochromotosis.

I haven't had the genetic test yet (to be scheduled) for the predisposition but they say I have a 50% chance of having it but I've always tested negative for the disease. It's also why I stopped drinking alcohol except a beer a few times a year, besides I fall asleep when I drink it.

The stool test also discovered my pancreas doesn't produce enough pancreatic enzyme (at the low end of normal), so I'm on a pancreatic enzyme supplement, which is working, probably for the rest of my life.

The symptoms from the above conditions, which I've explained to a variety of doctors, was feeling tired, sometimes during my walks and always after my walks, was always dismissed as not eating enough or getting enough sleep, blah, blah, blah. You now the tune and tone.

So this is where I'm at now. The bacteria problem has a solution so far doctors have refused to prescribe, even as it worsened, but hopefully now with the photos, they'll act this time in the face of the obvious.

As for the rest of the problems, which add up to some sort of anemia, but I'm not sure what they can do. My glucose and hemoglobin aren't treatable with drugs, and I wouldn't take them anyway, but I'm not sure what I can change since I don't fit the profile.

Anyway, just venting frustration about medical professionals who need things to be obvious and then identifiable to be treatable, which my case doesn't fit, but it doesn't change the reality of things slowly getting worse, or at least feels like it some days.

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