Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So What Can I Eat

I've written lots about the problems I have with food and my love for food, ad naseum to most readers, which leads to the obvious question, so what can I eat? Well, here's the list of foods I which is my normal diet.

Grains and similar stuff

Macrina Sour Ficelle bread, $3 per loaf
Ritz Whole Wheat Crackers
Corn chips (Harbor Greens brands - local market)

I don't know what I can eat the bread and crackers and not other breads or crackers, it just seems to be. What I haven't tried very often but can eat if I want.



Celery, maybe
Potatoes, not anymore and no Potato Chips either (damn)




Ham (not Pork), including sandwich Ham (some brands), bacon (Hemplers)
Seafood, mostly Shrimp and crab or Lobster occasionally
Canned Salmon (Northwest/Alaska brands, no national brands), especially Pink Salmon


Lactose-free non-fat milk (not cheap)
Hard cheeses, namely favorites of Gouda, Edam, Cheddar
Butter, not really but I refuse to stop using it


Creamy Peanut Butter, Adams brand
Jam/Preserves without seeds, regional brands
Mayonaisse, not really but I refuse to stop using it
Eggs, rarely but ok in mixes
Protein Drinks - Spirutein mixes 2-3 times a day
Clif and Power Bar brand protein snacks
Chocolate, occasionally and in small amounts


Salt - that's all
Herbs - a few occasionally

What this means is simple, nothing that is hard, fiberous, or roughage, such as celery, nuts, seeds, whole grains, foods with hard to digest shells (eg. corn, peas), etc.. No green or leafy vegetables. Nothing spicy or prepared with grains, vegetables, etc. not on the approved list.

And above all, nothing with probiotics in it. I personally wouldn't recommend eating anything with probiotics until you know which one of them works for you or not. You can test this by buying individual (of the 6 types) probiotic supplements to see which works or not. This is from my GI specialist.

All in all, despite the shortness of the list, it's ok since I like all of it and have found brands, usually local or regional, which are great tasting which is enough variety most days, and I allow myself one or two experiment meals a week where I have 2-3 days to see what happens.

And I eat these through the day in 4-6 snack-sized meals during the day, fewer times and less when I walk and more often when I don't, bad habit of walking into the kitchen and leaving chewing something.

Anyway, that's it. I'll update it as things or foods change.

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