Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nothing New

Why do we open the refrigerator hoping there is something our taste buds will trigger us to find something and think, "Wow, that looks good to eat.", when there is nothing new and nothing worth eating at the moment?

I'm trying to cut the frequency of snacks I eat during the day since I don't eat big meals anymore from 4-6 times to 2-3 times, but this always leaves me hungry, more hungry than before when a snack only wets the appetite to want more.

So everytime I walk into the kitchen I want to eat something and consequently open the refrigerator looking for a tasty snack or two, but as always hope there is something new, I always know there's nothing new.

And I close it not eating anything. I found a cool poster, meant for women but equally applies to men changing a few words, about eating to remind me not to eat when there's no reason to eat. It's posted on the cabinet door next to the refrigerator.

But I keep opening the refrigerator door.

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