Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Being a Minority

As a voter that is. It appears outside a few votes, like for the Democrats, for Governor and for marriage equality, I'm on the other side of winning. I'm in the minority who thinks charter schools are the wrong direction and the marijuana law wasn't a good one.

And Tim Eyman should have been politically buried a long time by hamstringing the state leglislature on taxes. He's wrecked more damage to the state and the people by his out-of-state, superpac and corporate backed referendums and initiatives, the supporters didn't see or didn't care.

Oh well, such is life, but at least I'm not alone as in the wisdom to see the folly to the other side. Yes, the other side is misguided by their direction, focusing on their own personal view than the larger view of what's best for the people of Washington state.

Anyway, like everything I'll live with the results and what happens, and if by the way, the winning side turns into a bust, don't look at me, look in the mirror. I'm not the stupid one who voted for it. I'm stupid on other things but not these.

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