Thursday, September 29, 2016


Here's something I've thought and talked to my naturopath and primary care physician (PCP) about, the former had discussed it if we went that route with the digestive bacteria problem and my PCP was curious to remember. Which is?

If you're going to take any universal antibiotic, consider taking probiotics during or near the end of the usual 10-days of the drug use, even though most of it will be destroyed, and take probiotics immediately after for days if not weeks to re-establish the bacteria balance in your digestive tract.

I've thought about this since August 2014 when I took Amoxicillin for an ear infection, and while my normal bacteria always re-established itself within a week or so with past times of Amoxicillin, this time it didn't and the opportunistic bacteria used the window to proliferate.

My body wasn't able to respond to that bacteria for about a month (October 2014) but then did for about six weeks before it stopped fighting it and the opportunistic bacteria took over my digestive system, which since July I've been working with a naturopath to reclaim.

We haven't succeeded yet as the opportunistic bacteria keeps returning along with the prospect of new types of bacteria in the last few weeks. We're holding out the "nuke" option of a universal bacteria, namely Amoxicillin, since it's been my mainstay antibiotic for decades.

If we do use, exhausting all other herbal remedies, then I'll take Allicin and Berberine with it to fight the bacteria it's helped to control in recent weeks, and I'll take probiotics to flood the system with good bacteria and prevent the opportunistic bacteria from gaining footholds in the digestive tract.

For now that's the last option, but it's there and this time I'll be better prepared to help the body prevent the opportunistic bacteria from proliferating again. Something to keep in mind because it's doubtful physicians and/or specialists think about this option when prescribing antibiotics.

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