Saturday, September 24, 2016


Just a quick note, this week I passed a milestone. On my walk on Thursday (Sept. 22nd) I passed the 5,000 mile milestone. It was just two miles into the walk about a mile from my turn-around place at Starbucks, leaving me now at 5,004 miles to date.

September, unlike July and August, isn't turning into a good month for walks, from the problems with the bacteria in my digestive system and the herbal drugs I'm taking to fight the opportunistic bacteria overgrowths.

The problem is more system can't flush out the excess bacteria and the die-off, so it builds up until the system reacts to flush it all out. This process takes 7-10 days now, most of it with the buildup and then a few days with the reaction.

But that's another story for another time than here. I also got out my 3rd of 4 pairs of 5-10 Dome shoes. A few years ago 5-10 discontinued the Dome model, although some pair still linger in the market, but beware some stores (eg. advertise them but don't actually stock them.

You have to actually confirm they have the shoes in stock. I got burned by on this issue. The store accepted my order, billed my credit card, and then back-ordered the shoes. It took a few months to get them to admit the shoes werre discontinued and not available, and then refund my credit card.

 I've already gone through 3 pairs of these shoes and found the shoes on 5-10's discontinued shoes Web page and bought the last 4 pair of them in my size. I've used two new pair already. I get 800-1,000 good miles on them and another ~200 miles if the sole isn't worn too badly or the inside liner and padding isn't shredded.

That means I can get to about 7,000 miles before replacing the Dome shoes with a new model, so I'm researching new models. I won't buy mainstream company shoes because they're not made for more than a few hundred miles and still costs the price of 5-10 shoes.

Anyway, that's the story to date, another milestone reached (reached 4,000 January 1st), so the goal is now 6,000 in 8-9 months and hope the health issue improves to get more days and miles in on the walks.

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