Monday, September 23, 2013

I Thought

Update II.--It's been about three weeks since the toenail came off by itself and the toe in healing fine where I don't always need to keep it bandaged. I read it can take over a year to grow a new toenail, so it will be interesting watching the toe and nail return to normalcy.

Update.--Well, after taking the tape off the toe protecting the open blister and toenail, the toenail came off without any effort leaving the toe and skin underneath. Fortunately I've been treating it with Neosporin and bandages, so it's healing with what appears to be a new toenail.

I thought from all the walking my toes couldn't get worse. I've read and heard the stories of runners, hikers and ballet dancers and their toes, and realize I've been lucky to have had just black toes (3 middle toes on each foot). Or so I thought last week.

Well, for some reason I got a blister on one toe at the base of the toenail and when it drained it left an opening completely through the skin and the base of the new toenail growing over the old black toe. Right now I keep putting Neosporin in it with bandages while the skin heals to secure the nail to the toe.

Otherwise, the only thing holding the new toenail on is the scab of the old black toenail. Yeah, sorry for the yucky post but it's interesting to see how the body heals. Surprisingly the toe doesn't hurt, or at least not yet because it's bandaged to keep the toenail in place.

Hey, at least there's no pictures.

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