Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Try Eating Out

Since I've discovered the limits of foods I can eat which my digestive system will tolerate, and while I still have one or two food experiments a week, mostly small portions of new foods or old foods which didn't work, I've found it's hard eating anything in cafes, etc.

The reason is that the first food which is eliminated is wheat and other grains, anything except cornmeal. I've had people in cafes push non-wheat foods but it's gets to the next group I can't eat, anything with nuts or seeds. Those foods and other rough foods causes the small intestine to bleed.

And that is followed by the can't eat almost any vegetable, starting with anything green or leafy, and add from there, and almost all fruits, especially ones I love, like apples, peaches, pears, apricots, etc., and recently I learned oranges are now on that list.

To that add starches, like potatoes with my favorite food potato chips, along with the whole variety of uncommon fruits or vegetables, eg. dates, grapes, etc., you can see the picture of what I can't eat which is almost everything cafes, etc. serve.

Then there is no eggs except those in baked into dishes, no dairy except lactose-free non-fat milk and some hard cheeses. Add almost all spices and you can complete the picture. It leaves a list of acceptable foods I can write on a post-it note and even those are often brand specific as I learned from other brands.

It sucks. I love the food these places have and know there isn't anything can't eat that won't remind me later, sometimes a few hours and sometimes over a few days. Yeah, really fucking sucks. For now I carry my food with me I can eat and then don't eat anything to have only coffee drinks.

In the end, it's what I live with like it or not. The lesson is enjoy all the foods you can when you're young enough to do so when and where they won't hurt you later. Feast to your heart's delight. Savory every flavor. And remember it all, before you can't eat it again.

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