Sunday, January 20, 2013

More on Walking

In June of 2011 I pinched my Siatic nerve (the L4 and L5 vertabra), a mild pinch which left my left leg numb for two months. In June-July of 2012 I pinched the nerve again which left me flat on my back for 4 days and the whole right leg numb. It’s still numb, bad enough it has no reflex from above the knee to the ankle.

That said, I walked, on and off from September through November but then started walking 5-6 miles 4-5 days a week in December and now January, minus a week off each month to recoup and get other work done.

The point? Well, what I’ve learned as I lose weight, aka fat, is that the more days I walk, the less I eat and the longer distance I walk, the less I eat. I was reading that exercise increases chemicals responsible for your appetite, meaning feeling hungry to eat and more, but also increases the chemicals responsible for suppressing your appetite, not wanting eat.

It’s the mix of the two which determines what, how much and when you eat after your excercise. They found the amount of calories you eat before your exercise also determines how much you eat after your exercise and the rest of the day, and less actually increases the appetite after exercise but a little more suppress it.

And that’s the point, I’m not at the point I can resume running or other excercise beyond light routine exercise, eg. warmup, stretching, situps, etc., and so walking it is until the Siatic nerve gives me my legs back. Until then, yes, I’ll walk as often and as far as my legs will take me.

Sometimes it’s that you give your hardest and best with the cirumstances you have. It’s all you can do.

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