Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Thought

As I've written, I've been walking 5-6 miles 3-5 times a week to recover from a pinched Siatic nerve, both to the left leg, which is weaker than year ago, and the right leg, which is numb in the front from above the knee to the ankle. Yeah, sucks.

But that said, on the walk I often take routes along the rural roads around Gig Harbor, some to add distance to the walk with some amount of elevation gain and loss, my home being at 240 feet above the Narrows Strait and 400+ feet for commercial area or sea level for the downtown area of Gig Harbor.

It's cool to see the changes over time along the routes, especially with the seasons. But there are times when there will be no cars and almost silence, the only noise being the weather itself and occasional distant sounds of animals, airplanes, trucks on the highway.

It's interesting then to stop, just absorb it, and get the feeling of being totally alone, and there are moments I wonder if I wasn't standing there, like I suddenly just disappeared, what would happen. No one would even know I was there at that moment.

It's like you never existed. What would happen and who would be effected? Time, life and the world would go on like nothing happened. In the silence gone. And then I walk on. But it's an interesting thought experiment, what you sense and your existence.

And to just stand there in the silence, feeling alive.

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