Saturday, December 29, 2012

Harbor Greens Corn Chips

There is, or now was, a good local market in Gig Harbor, Harbor Greens next door to Forza Coffee. They are more a small, speciality food-deli market than anything since QFC and Safeway is just a few blocks away.

The did have one really good thing, corn chips made locally and fresh, that is until about a month ago when they changed the recipe and snuck in cutting the size of the package from 15 oz to 14 oz for the same price.

I liked their chips because they were totally different tasting than any of the regional or national brands, where the oil and salt were part of the taste. Then about a month ago they switched from canola oil to high oleic safflower oil, and in the process killed the great taste.

I liked their chips because the diet I'm on these days only leaves cornmeal and corn chips as the only grain or grain-like food I can eat. I can't eat wheat or any of the whole list of other grains, and potatoes, especially my favorite food, potato chips, are off limits too.

Now their chips taste like any other brand of chips without any unique flavor you could distinguish from any national brands. In short they got worse and there is no reason now to go to the store except for the few other products they sell which aren't available elsewhere.

This is disappointing that in the quest for healthy foods, taste and flavor are the first victims. Sad times for really good food, you know where it leaves the taste on your fingers too.

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