Saturday, December 15, 2012


I wrote about having gone through, and occasionally still having, electrolysis to remove my facial hair, see my post 307 hours later (now 313 hours through 2012). Well, I go once a month now and likely will for a few more months before going just every 2-3 or more months next year to be done.

Reading about people, men, women, transwomen, etal who are contemplating it or are going through it, here are a few tips I've learned from my time and experience.

First music. I used to bring CD's, now I bring my iPhones and play the music I want the electrologist allows for the session. She has a music player for this purpose and I can share my eclectic collection of music and not let the pain fill the silence.

Second, a squeeze ball. I use the zen of electrolysis by mentally transferring the pain from the needle and treatment to my hand with the squeeze ball which I squeeze as hard as I can during the treatment for each hair.

Suffice it to say some areas of the face are especially sensitive, like just under the nose. It causes you to want to scratch it or sneeze. My electrologist treats that area carefully, giving me time to react if I want to do either scratch or sneeze.

Third tears. I don't say anything during session except conversation, but I let the tears flow from the corners of my eyes. When she asked why I don't say anything I told her:

If tears had voices, you would hear them a block away.

I express the pain through those ways and allows her to work with very few breaks for my reaction.

Anyway, just some thoughts. To everyone going through it, good luck. To everyone planning to go through it, even more good luck. You'll need it.

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