Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wash Fresh Food

If you read the title to this posts, believe it. Really. Always thoroughly wash fresh fruit and vegetables, and even seafood and poultry, before preparing and eating if you're eating it fresh. I finally learned this lesson this week.

I bought some fresh raspberries from California last Saturday at the usual grocery store. I ate a few before I washed because they were very tasty. Through the weekend into Tuesday I started to feel like I had caught the flu because I showed the symptoms.

Well, over Tuesday night and into Wednesday it manifested itself not as the flu but as a bacterial infection, and today (Thursday) it was confirmed with urine tests that it was a bladder and urindary tract infection.

Although mild, it's very painful and worse than the flu. I'm now on Ciprofloxacin for a week to clear it out and an over-the-counter drug to reduce the pain during urination (yeah, that pain too). It will be a few days to improve the bladder and urinary tract but they tell you to continue the drug to the end.

And that's the lesson. We've all eaten fresh food, especially fruit and vegetables, without washing it. I won't do that anymore. It was just a container like the one above which did the deed, a few bites cost me a week of being sick.

It's the old adage, looks can be deceiving and foods contains bacteria, some of it very bad for people.

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