Saturday, July 14, 2012


Well, after a nearly a week of pain in the right leg, from full blown drop down on the floor withering pain from the hip to the toes shaking the whole time pain, the pain has subsided to just the pain from the numbness. I got to the Urgent Care center and after an examination and MRI, the diagnosed degenerative vertebra disease, common in people over 40, and bulging discs in the L4 and L5 vertebra, the ones where the Siactica nerves branch out to the legs.

This last week I was able to walk but not much more because the right leg is numb from the top of the knee to the ankle and any pressure from the body, lifting, exercising, etc. causes the leg to collapse, where I have to watch how I walk up/down stairs, and other situations which stresses the right leg.

But now I can sit and stand with little pain, and even walk to some degree. Right now it's just time. Time for the pain to fully subside and the numbness to disappear. The latter will likely take another 4-6 weeks, similar to last year's problem with the left leg, but that was only the calf and foot, but back for more if not.

Nothing like trying to do anything with a numb knee. Anyway, I'm a human being again, just older with TMJ (half the face shallow with all the fat gone), bleeding small intestine and a numb right knee and lower leg. Well, it could be worse as I discovered last week and not something I want to experience again in my life.

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