Friday, July 20, 2012

Love & Hate

Yeah, we all have something we both love and hate, for both different reasons and for the same reasons. For me it's food. I love to eat but I hate to eat because almost all foods aggrevates the bleeding in my small intestine and I only get fatter as I've had a hard time excercise thise last few years.

So I love reading about food, seeing good photographs of foods, and imagining what all foods I read about or see would taste like, if only to sample it. It's why I have a kitchen full of gourment cooking utensils and appliances because used to love to make food to taste. Just taste and then trash it.

I love some of the foods I've created, roasted orange chicken among them, but mostly mixes where I add a variety of things to make it better, potpies with more veges, Rice-a-Roni with meat and veges, omelettes and scrambled eggs with all sorts of ingredients, and so on. All sitting silently waiting for another day.

And over the last few years I can't even taste it because I don't know how my body and especially intestinal tract will react. So food is off-limits. The kitchen stuff sits little used. The recipes cut from magazine and articles and recipe books collect dust. I miss them all and persist on a diet you can write on a 4x6 postit note.

It's not boring and it is tasteful, just not much more than what it is, a few fruits, a few vegetables, some cheese, protein drinks, a few types of natural/organic meat, poultry, seafood or fish, one brand of bread and one cracker, and at least my all time favorite, peanut butter and jam.

Foods I can't eat now? Anything with seeds, nuts, berries, breads and crackers save two, most meat except some pork products and some seafood, most cheese except a few I really like, rice and other grains, any green vegetables except peas, all starch vegetables, potato chips (just one brand of corn chips), milk products except lactose-free, fat-free milk (mostly for the cholesterol).

You get the picture, but then the foods I can eat are brand specific too. I've spent the last two years with once or twice food experiments to know this and create this least. And yes, all foods were tested 3 times before being eliminated. Some foods are on the occasional list to keep trying, but often end up still off the list.

So that's the story. Food and eating. Love and hate. What a world we create for ourself. Mine's food and eating.

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