Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Food Anew

After my naturopath, who specializes in digestive system care, found and treated the problems I’ve been having for 9 years now, after 3 gastroenterologists couldn’t find with a succession of tests which in hindsight were a waste only but they had to follow the diagnostic protocols and then, finding nothing, said there wasn’t anything more they could do for me, I’ve found food again. 
After two ant-biotics to eliminate the bacterial infections, probiotics to rebuild the bacterial balance, and then taking two health supplements to restore the digestive system’s acids, enzymes and proteins, the digestive system is normal again, adding a variety of foods to rebuild the diversity of bacteria in foods in the system for digeting foods.
Yes, I’ve found food again, and going to the supermarket to buy what I can eat and not just go to see what I can’t eat, albeit only a few at at time and in small amounts for now to reorient my digestive system to the variety of foods it won’t revolt but simply taste, digest and process like a normal system should and does. 
Food. Real food again. Simple word but a world of joy. The joy of walking around a good grocery store (Metropolitan Market in Tacoma, any of them are good along with PCC markets in Seattle) seeing all the foods from around the world, seeing and smelling all the food in the deli, browsing all the fresh produce, fish/seafood/meats, just enjoy the privilege many people in the world don’t have, and enjoying the thought of eating again and not worrying about the effects, or worse problems, later, but simply enjoying it.
Food. A basic staple of life. Food again. Lost and found anew. So much exploration ahead to renew my connection with food and life. Simple things the vast majority never think about other than a momentary thought what they wanted to eat without regard should anything go wrong because it won’t. Simple decisions, momentary, to think, “You know what would taste good right now?”, or walk into their kitchen with the whole array of foods to decide what to fix and eat for the sheer joy of food.
Food. We take for granted until we can’t and find we’ve lost the right to that joy. But now I’ve found it again, and on the slow road back to what everyone else accepts as common, food, any food. Time will provide that as I explore food again.

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