Sunday, February 16, 2014


This week has been one of the worst for the Sciatic nerve in over a year and reminded me who is in charge of the recovery to heal the pinched Sciatic nerve. Last Sunday I did the laundry which is walking up and down two flights of stairs to the laundry room.

This has been a problem since pinching the Sciatic nerve as it hurts my lower back, as does any work that requires bending over to work or lift anything. Always later that days the lower back hurts for 1-2 days before fading.

This time, however, the left leg started hurting Monday but I was able to walk for the next 3 days, until Thursday when just walking brought moderate to sharp pains in my left leg from the hip to the foot. From there the pain varys with the day and during the day with the hip, quadricep muscle, shin and/or foot.

In other words parts or all the the left leg. And it fades from mild to severe during the day which makes it hard to know if it's getting better or not. The only good thing is that it doesn't hurt when I sit down. Lying down is another issue as it sometime hurts and sometimes not.

So, it's a short-term setback for now. I'm on the fourth day of rest (not walking) in hopes I can resume walking Monday for the rest of the month. This sets the mileage goal back for the month and the hope of getting to 155 lbs by the end of the month, and down to 150 lbs by May 1st.

So, as I've learned, setbacks will happen, and to be patient to remember I started at 190 lbs a year ago, and the goal is to continue walking for the longterm, and periods of rest are necessary or setbacks can happen. I just need to make them short.

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