Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Better but not Good

I've written enough about my Siatic nerve issue, especially in the last two months when the front of the right leg from above the knee to the ankle remains almost numb, the shin is improving a little but the knee is still totally numb, and the left leg is slightly worse with balance problems which wasn't there before.

The walking is improving my overall health and fitness and slowly rebuilding the leg muscles but it's still the message, it's better but not good. I spent the weekend moving boxes around and carrying bags of stuff to the trash, meaning lots of work for the lower back, and I felt it.

I still walked but both the back and legs were happy I took a day off for errands. That's the problem, on days I walk to town or elsewhere trying to get my 5-6+ miles in I'm usually tired the rest of the day, and with the flu 2-3 weeks of the last month, I've been tired on tired.

But it's still the message, better but not good. I'm still trying to arrange the work and errands around the walking and increase the walking from the now 5 days a week to 6 days or adding 1-2 miles in the 5 days, to increase the total distance for each week.

I'll see what happens, it's just frustrating it's all I can do now without causing more harm or injuring muscles where I can't exercise. Yeah, sometimes life just sucks.

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