Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Well, the walking exercise is getting better after the Siactic nerve problem which virtually disabled me for the entire month of July and much of August with a bum right leg where the front of the leg was numb from above the knee to the toes and hurt when I walked very far.

By late August I was walking short distances, say a quarter mile, before the leg hurt then and afterward.  Last week, however, I decided to try something and walked 2.5 miles on the Ruston Way park walk/bike way along the waterfront in Commencement Bay. And Saturday I got up to 3.5 miles.

This week, Monday and today (Wednesday) I got it up to 4.5 miles, which is the two mile length plus the quarter mile up the hill to and from the car. The walkway is flat along the waterway, and there is room up to a mile from the ends.

This doesn't mean the leg doesn't hurt. I limp for awhile when I wake up and get on with the day. The front of the knee is still totally numb along with the front of the leg (shin) from the knee to the ankle with occasionally moving down to the toes.

But I can now walk some distance. The goal is to walk on flat ground to get to 5 miles before returning to walking to and from town, which is 2.5-3 miles there and 3-4 miles back with some elevation change on both trips. And I take a backpack to carry stuff home (grocery or drug stores).

Anyway, life is getting better, but I have a long way to go to lose the weight I've gained over the lasts two years with the digestive problems, which are also slowly getting better after July, and to regain the fitness level I had a few years ago.

But that said, at turning 63 this month, it ain't going to be easy this time.

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