Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pinched Siactic Nerve

A pinched Siactic nerve is no fun. As I wrote, it started in mid-June and two months later and two week longer than last year in the left leg, the right leg has only started to recover. Until this last week, the front of the leg from above the knee to the middle toes was numb, like really dead nerves numb.

During that time the upper right outer and front muscles hurt from compensating, but slowly I could walk, carry stuff, go up/down stairs and even jog a little before the leg got tired or started to buckle. Then for brief periods starting last week parts the lower leg, ankle and foot started to twitch and have twinges as the nerves seem to want to become normal (unnumb?).

But it always went back to being numb. The knee, however, is still dead to the world. You could hit it with a sledge hammer and it wouldn't notice anything. Only the back of the knee has feeling, and like my saving grace for the lower leg muscles to work to some degree of right.

Anyway, the story to date is that it's going through changes, but nothing great and intermittent at best. I still watch how I use my lower back for there are times both legs hurt and feel tired and lifeless. So much for life getting older. This along with the digestive issues, the TMJ, which is slowly getting better except the facial fat which defines our face, and Raynaud's Syndrome in both the hands and feet, it's only means one thing.

It sucks

I'd tell you don't get old but it's obviously not good or truthful advice since there's nothing we can do about that. We can only hope our genetics doesn't make aging give us problems we hate and have trouble living with in our everyday life.

But then when someone tells you past 40 it's downhill and past 50 that accelerates, believe them. And after 60, all bets are off because it only gets worse if you're unlucky in the genes department. The best I can say is good luck.

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