Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Raynaud's Syndrome II

I wrote in 2009 about my Raynaud's Syndrome which struck my hands in the winter of 1990-91 and accept an opportunity to get out of the field work, which with the USGS isn't a seasonal job in basic data. You go whatever the weather and conditions. You find a way to get there and do the work.

Well, in the fall of 2010, Raynaud's Syndrome found my toes and by the end of the winter 2010-11 I had frostnip-like (1st degree frost bite) symptom which developed into scabs through the spring and into the summer before the toes fully healed, only to suffer again the following winter, and each winter since it's gotten worse where the several toes are swollen through the winter.

Because of this I no longer can walk around barefoot without socks. Well, most of the time anyway, I love walking barefoot, even walked home from town one day, 3 miles (ok, blisters made wearing shoes worse and it was summer). Most of the time now I have to watch the temperature and adjust the type of socks and wear Gore-Tex socks for trips outdoors.

So, it's life with both the hands and toes with Raynaud's Syndrome. Such is getting old, and yes, it sucks.


  1. Great just i was looking for as I have the exact same problem happening to my finger....thanks

  2. Raynaud's is an extremely common problem around the cold Resion . There are so many factors that can lead to the formation of Raynaud's that sometimes, it becomes really difficult to figure out the cause of an Raynaud's breakout