Monday, May 10, 2010

Alas being found

This is more about credit than life, but I've had the same credit card account since 1984. The bank has changed hands over those years, where I think I'm on the 3rd or 4th bank and card from them, but it's been a continuous line of credit. Don't tell the bank that because each time I've had to rebuild my credit rating with them. For some reasons, the new bank in takeovers erases the old credit history of the old bank's customers, or so it seems.

But over the years this time I've built the credit back up. Until this last week when they called to ask if I had made some charges to the account, all in the amount of about $100. This seemed unusual until I checked the charges themselves to discover they were to an on-line porn site. It explains why they caught it. And so they automatically suspended the account, pending my decision, which I agreed to close the account and start a new one.

So after 36 years, I'm one of those who's credit card information has been stolen. I have a list of companies, one really, who stole it, and likely some employee using it to hide his (rarely are these porn-loving people women) obession, and likely addiction, to pornography. He'll find the money wasn't paid and the credit card is useless. But now I have to watch if something else is stolen from my identity.

So, alas, I've been found and am a victim. Small and just a minor inconvenience to get a new card, but still found. Is that what's normal anymore, when you can say you're one of the many who's had their credit card stolen, kinda' "Been there, done that." At least, so far anyway, it's not worse. And what I've learned is how such a few things about yourself are hung off your identity and credit.

I won't say what company I suspect one of their employees of stealing my credit card number, yet. I have to wait to see how they handle a refund. I bought a piece of computer equipment from them, except the first one didn't work at all and the second was a knock-off (not a real company product) of the wrong model. They owe me $130 and I'm still waiting after sending the second mouse back (USPS tracking) nearly 3 weeks ago.

First they offered store credit, except there's nothing they have I want to buy and not from them anymore. Then they offered to credit my account, except it's now closed. And so they're stuck writing a check, which I'm not holding my breath for. I'm not positive this was the company an employee stole the card number, but it's the most obvious one since all the rest are companies I have used before without problems.

I hope he gets caught and fired. I notified them the number was stolen and they're on the very short list of suspect companies.

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